Synthetic Turf and Floors

Another service that WAC offers is the installation of synthetic turf, which has replaced grass fields in thousands of sports venues around the country. We have partnered with Shaw Industries – the largest carpet manufacturer in the world – and have access to the best line of synthetic turf available anywhere. We offer a synthetic turf solution to fit any need or budget. WAC also installs synthetic athletic floors in existing and new construction.

Backstop Netting Services

WAC also does backstop netting, providing baseball and softball backstop netting to high schools, colleges and professional baseball/softball teams. We have installed backstop netting for the Boston Red Sox at Fenway Park; the New York Yankees at Yankee Stadium; and the St. Louis Cardinals at Busch Stadium as well as at several of their minor league franchise facilities.

Equipment and Accessories

Warner’s Athletic Construction provides all types of tools, equipment and accessories for athletic field maintenance––everything from rakes and shovels to bases, pitcher’s mounds, and home plates. Whatever accessory is needed to maintain your athletic field, we can provide it.

Products and Materials

We also offer materials including baseball and softball field covering, infield plates, athletic field conditioners, warning track products and high density mound clay and packing clay. High density clay has a high clay content and can be packed very tightly; this type of clay will withstand the high wear and tear of a long game and not be subject to large holes, which make it hard for the athletes to perform. We offer the highest quality products and will also provide training on how to properly adjust, repair and maintain them.

Consultation and Design

WAC offers full consultation packages as well as value engineering projects; everything from coming in and evaluating a ballpark or recreation area to training your employees on how to successfully maintain your field or facility. We hire experts to come in and identify issues and challenges on athletic fields and then design solutions for how to correct them. We also hire architects to review the initial specs, which will allow them to put detailed plans together for big projects.